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Fast delivery stock in BDDance 2.0 Extra Arch Support Series: Shoes specifications in stock:

Sizes: US 5.5 to US 7.5

Heel EH 21 (80mm) - as pictured

Material: Tan Leather


Try our new and improved classic model, 216, with extra arch support. 

BD 2.0 extra arch support is good for narrow to regular feet. It helps to promote better arch support with a longer sole and narrower fit in the front. It is seen on BDDance ambassadors Anna Matus, Kristina Moshenska, and Svetlana Gudyno. If you have wider feet or prefer more space in the front, we suggest you to stick to the regular fit with the other heels.


Our brand is well-known for the comfort of our shoes. One of our classic Ladies' Latin shoe models, this design is specially crafted to give you a flexible arch, stable support and comfortable sole padding - you can dance hours in this shoe without pain! The regular material comes in a smooth Satin finish, enhancing the beauty of its classic look.


216 Leather

$120.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price
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