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Fast delivery stock specifications:

Sizes: US 5 to US 8

Heel: EH 16 (95mm)

Material: Dark Tan Satin.


Our brand is well-known for the comfort of our shoes. One of our classic Ladies' Latin shoe models, this design is specially crafted to give you a flexible arch, stable support and comfortable sole padding - you can dance hours in this shoe without pain! The regular material comes in a smooth Satin finish, enhancing the beauty of its classic look.

In pictures: Leopard Print Satin,  Iridescent Silver Satin,  Iridescent Black Satin, Shiny Silver Satin, Shiny Gold Satin, Dark Tan Satin.


Difference between "Iridescent" and "Shiny": iridescent silver is slightly lighter in color than the regular shiny silver material. 


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